If the old adage that a picture tells a thousand words is in fact true, spending a few minutes on Pinterest a day could be just as enlightening as reading a classic. For a budding journalist like myself, the thought of people sharing and consuming content at such a staggering rate is exciting – yet another way to communicate with a new audience of potential customers.
Late last year a study showed that Pinterest had overtaken Twitter in its popularity with American adults (Chan, 2013). This in essence, gives a different sort of power to marketers. Pinterest users tend to be more “engaged” with the site than do users of other sites like Facebook and Twitter and for this reason has been adopted as a powerful tool for prospective social media marketers (Dillon, 2014). 
Slowly, it is nice to see that many companies have seen the possibilities that Pinterest provides (Wishpond, 2014). Yet, for me, Pinterest is more about inspiration. Gradually I am finding I use the platform for ideas. I am more likely to search for a certain topic (usually something I am writing or photographing myself) in an attempt to get my own creative juices flowing.
This in itself, highlights the marketing potential on social media sites like Pinterest, however, I think search engine optimisation (SEO) will be a major factor of improvement in coming years.

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