Social media management

AS the mix between advertising and editorial content is ever blurred there remains the constant threat the audiences will be alienated if they sense an agenda in their entertainment. This same disparity threatens to take a toll on the effectiveness of social media in business as new figures show editorial is more important than ever in cracking the ever elusive market of prolific social media users.

Facebook banner advertising is redundant and statistically is ever more useless, the younger the customer in question may be (Temin & Anderson, 2013). Thus, advertorials are now more important than they ever have been particularly in the digital realm and advertisers and PR practitioners alike are finding new ways of sponsoring or masking content to trick social media users (Himler, 2013).

However, with the prevalence of the advertorial phenomenon comes new risks and pitfalls. Namely, the propensity for media organisations to go overboard with such campaigns, thus alienating an audience who smell a brand sponsored rat (Pownall, 2009). A major concern is that audiences too often become disenchanted with brands and business because they are overselling in their campaigns with figures showing in some instances almost three quarters of potential customers indicate they tend to believe objective information (Speers, 2014). As a result, it is important for social media to be used in the way it was intended – it is an interactive medium that works best when businesses engage with their audiences – something many consumers believe is not happening in the market as it currently stands (Speers, 2014). 


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